Free Seat reservation for families travelling with infants

Reserving seats is free of charge for families travelling with children under two. Reservations can be made by phone via the Service centre up to 48 hours before departure.

Baggage allowance for children

Children under two have a baggage allowance one bag weighing up to 23 kg (for exceptions see: piece concept). Car seats, buggies and strollers can also be checked at no additional cost.

Unaccompanied minors

kinder.jpg Children aged five and over can fly NIKI as unaccompanied minors. Our flight attendants always take special care of our youngest passengers.

Tickets for children aged between five and 12 travelling alone must be booked in advance at our Service centre.

There is a charge each way for unaccompanied minors travelling.

Fees per flight segment

short/medium haul flights: € 40,-/€ 60,-

long haul flights: € 90,-

For further information please refer to our FAQs


Some countries have special departure and entry requirements for children travelling without a parent or guardian.
Please contact the relevant embassy or consulate for further information.

On-board service for children


Our belief that the passenger comes first doesn't stop with the adults we carry. We want the little ones on board to feel good, too!

To make sure that our smallest passengers are well looked after, we provide free carrycots in the front row (for babies up to 12 months, subject to availability) on flights lasting 90 minutes or more. Please inform us, via our Service centre », at least three days before departure, if you need a carrycot. We will be delighted to warm up your baby food during the flight!

kindertasche.jpgChildren are served before the grown-ups and get a special kids’ menu on our mid-haul charter routes to Egypt and the Canary Islands.  Drinks are frequently topped up during the flight.

Children also receive a special gift on all NIKI flights.

Your own child seat on board

Travellers with children can bring along their own child restraint systems, provided that these are certified and labelled as such. Safety seats are suitable if they:

  • have been approved by the civil aviation authority of a member state of the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or Transport Canada for use exclusively on aircraft and are marked as such; or
  • are approved for use in motor vehicles in accordance with ECE-R44/03 or a newer version of the standard; or 
  • are approved for use in motor vehicles or on aircraft in accordance with the Canadian CMVSS 213/213.1 standard or;
  • are approved for use in motor vehicles or on aircraft in accordance with the US FMVSS No. 213 standard and bear a sticker with the following printed on it in red:

Child restraint systems must have two-point harnesses (lap belts), as they are secured with the aircraft seat belt, and must remain in this position throughout the flight (including take-off and landing).
In our experience the following models (and their successors), carrying the “For use in aircraft” approval seal of the Rhineland TÜV, are particularly suitable:

Maxi Cosi Mico
Model no: 8011000571
Weight: 0–10 kg
Child size: max. 75 cm
Storchenmühle Maximum
Model no: 2711305500
Weight: 0–10 kg
Child size: max. 75 cm
Maxi Cosi Citi
Model no: 8811410300
Weight: 0–13 kg
Child size: max. 75 cm
Römer King Quickfix
Model no: 8811400300
Weight: 9–18 kg
Child size: max. 98 cm
Luftikid duo
Model no: 7011000571
Weight: 9–25 kg
Child size: 71–120 cm

Please note that some aircraft in our fleet are not licensed for the use of child restraint systems.
You can obtain further details during the booking process, or from our service centre.

As infants (i.e. children aged under two) are not entitled to seats, an extra seat must be booked if a child seat is used to carry an infant. The rate for children under 12 applies. Please make your reservation via our Service centre no later than 48 hours before departure.

Child discounts

Children are charged at the following percentages of the net regular fare:

Children aged under 2* pay 15% of the net fare on all short and medium-haul flights, and 20% on all long-haul flights. Please note that additional taxes are charged in some individual cases.

On long-haul, children under 12 pay 80% of the net flight price, excluding taxes and fees.

(*The age of the infant/baby on the day of the return flight is the one used.)

Please remember that, like adults, children must be in possession of a valid passport or ID at the start of their journey.

The applicable age is the age at the time of travel. Please note that infants (aged less than two) are not entitled to seats and consequently to the meals we serve on board. Only one infant per adult is permitted. Carrycots can be reserved free of charge for babies up to 12 months (subject to availability; exception: flights lasting less than 90 minutes). Only one baby per row of seats is permitted.

Please note that proof of identity must be provided for children at check-in in the same way as for adults (e.g. entry in a parent’s passport or own passport).

Expectant mothers

Pregnant women are carried up to four weeks before the expected date of delivery. The same restriction applies to return flights. You may be asked to present a mother’s pass or other medical certificate as proof that pregnancy has not progressed beyond the 36th week.