Notifying a contact person

Under application of Regulation (EU) no. 996/2010, airberlin offers all passengers the opportunity to nominate a contact person, including their name, address and telephone number.

This means that, should it be absolutely necessary, airberlin is able to reach this contact person directly. This data is not linked to the booking and will be used only for the aforementioned purpose.

The contact details filed are per passenger, not per booking. If flights are transferred, the contact person's details must be re-entered. These details are deleted 48 hours after the flight date.

Personal details in respect of the booking

  • Please note that these details can be filed only for flights operated by airberlin. For flights operated by other airlines, please consult the relevant airline's own website.

    Please state each flight separately! (In the case of transfers, each flight must be indicated separately)

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Details of the associated contact person
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