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20014-12-04 09:30

New NIKI routes from Bratislava

The NIKI route network continues to grow. Starting in April 2015, the Austrian subsidiary of airberlin will offer flights from Bratislava. The flights to Brussels will directly connect the ‘capital city of Europe’ to Bratislava; access to the oneworld network will also become available. Travellers can also fly beyond Brussels, taking advantage of the networks of American Airlines, British Airways and Finnair. The holiday island of Palma de Mallorca will also be added to NIKI’s summer flight schedule from Bratislava.

With the new NIKI routes, the economically dynamic Slovakia and the Bratislava region cover destinations and networks that are important for business and leisure travellers. Positive economic developments in the region have increased demand for links via an airline which is integrated into global networks. NIKI is thus not only opening up Brussels, an important destination, to Slovakian passengers, it is also offering its customers the option of using the networks of NIKI partners, like airberlin, oneworld, and Etihad Airways.

Bratislava will now be integrated into global airline networks. This is a significant leap, and we at NIKI are glad that we have been able to play a vital role in bringing this development about. The economic dynamics of the growing Slovakian market is of great interest to us - we wish to position ourselves well in the Bratislava market, the Slovakian market,’ says Christian Lesjak, Managing Director of NIKI.

Ivan Trhlík, Chairman and CEO of Bratislava Airport, is also enthusiastic: ‘I am really pleased that this partnership with the NIKI airline, a member of the airberlin group, has been established in such a short time. NIKI is a successful and well-managed company with an exceptional reputation. I regard this cooperation as being fundamentally important with regard to the planned expansion of Bratislava Airport. In addition to the expansion of direct flights with NIKI via the oneworld alliance and Etihad Airways, Bratislava Airport is thus incorporated into the global distribution system for the first time in history, and a flight to or from Bratislava can be booked from practically any location in the world. This was not possible until now.’

From Monday to Friday, NIKI (HG8992) will take off from Bratislava at 06:00 and land in Brussels at 07:35. Flight HG8993 leaves Brussels at 08:10 and lands in Bratislava at 09:55. In the evening, flight HG8994 leaves Bratislava at 18:45 and arrives in Brussels at 20:20. Return flight HG8995 from Brussels to Bratislava takes off at 20:55 and lands in the Slovakian capital city at 22:40. There is even a flight between Bratislava and Brussels on Sunday.

When Slovakia takes over the EU Presidency for six months beginning in July 2016, the country will be optimally connected with Brussels, where the EU Commission Headquarters are located. Additionally, the entire NIKI network is accessible to passengers from Slovakia via the short flight between Vienna and Bratislava. For example, all holiday destinations in Greece, such as Mykonos, Skiathos, Zakynthos, Kalamata, Volos, Samos, and Santorini, are ideally connected to the new route to and from Bratislava with less than an hour’s transfer time in Vienna.

The Italian destinations of Florence and Catania, as well as the daily flight from Vienna to Abu Dhabi, are also convenient and can be reached with minimal transfer time.

There are also new destinations due south in the NIKI network with the new service between Bratislava and Palma de Mallorca. Every Tuesday, NIKI flight HG2469 from Mallorca to Bratislava takes off at 08:55 and arrives at 11:25. Flight HG2468 leaves Bratislava at 12:10 and lands in Mallorca at 14:35. On Thursdays and Saturdays, NIKI flight HG2469 leaves Mallorca for Bratislava at 14:45 and lands in the Slovakian capital city at 17:15. NIKI flight HG2468 leaves Bratislava at 18:00 and lands in Palma de Mallorca at 20:25.

The new NIKI routes can be booked now through a travel agent or on