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2011-11-10 13:45

NIKI voted best low cost airline for 2011; profitable growth continues

NIKI continued to grow in 2011, and earned itself the title of the fastest-growing airline at Vienna International Airport. Passenger numbers increased by 340,000 over the first three quarters of the year, accounting for around one-third of total growth at the airport. Investment in the strategically important business traveller segment continued throughout the 2011 financial year, and the addition of new routes to the existing range of scheduled flights was a major priority. At the same time NIKI expanded its charter flight portfolio.

2011 will see the airline carry some 4.3 million passengers, with total revenue expected to be around EUR 430 million. It is particularly gratifying that NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH is set to post positive results for the seventh time in succession, in spite of the difficult market climate. The number of employees is keeping step with the airline’s rapid growth, and will increase to just under 800 by the end of the year.

The 2011 Reise & Preise airline survey saw NIKI walk away with the title of the Best Low Cost Airline of the Year for the second time. NIKI also beat off its competitors in 17 of the 19 categories in the Verkehrsbüro Business Travel supplier survey to claim first place for the second year in succession.

Niki Lauda: “I’m particularly pleased with these awards because they show that we’re not just the most popular airline in the country, but also better than our competitors in the all-important business travel segment.  Particularly in tough economic times, as a low cost airline we are an attractive alternative for consumers and corporate customers.”

NIKI will press ahead with its expansion strategy in 2012. A pair of new machines will be added to the NIKI fleet, taking the total to 23. Vienna is rapidly gaining significance as a hub between north and south and east and west. NIKI continues to place particular emphasis on business travellers – new routes have been added to Belgrade (2x daily), Sofia (3x daily), Bucharest (3x daily), Zurich (4x daily), Milan (3x daily), Barcelona (2x daily) and Copenhagen (2x daily).

Niki Lauda explains: “Expansion of this hub within the airberlin group means our passengers benefit from more connecting flights, greater frequencies and better destinations.”

NIKI is adding a new destination to the schedules in February: the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv. An Airbus A321 will fly the route three times a week.

2012 will also bring more flights for tourists on existing routes, as well as a number of new destinations:  Valencia (4x weekly), Minorca (new, 1x weekly) and flights to the Greek islands twice daily. Thanks to Vienna’s role as hub, there will also be excellent connecting flights to and from Germany.

In addition NIKI is investing in new flights between the capital and the rest of Austria. From winter 2011/2012 a second NIKI aircraft will be operating from Salzburg. There will also be another year-round addition for Graz, as well as seasonal reinforcements for Linz. Innsbruck will continue to offer a range of attractive tourist destinations during the peak summer months.

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Milene Platzer