NIKIs Press Releases

2011-03-01 15:15

NIKI discontinues flights between Vienna and Innsbruck

After two and a half years of scheduled flights, NIKI is discontinuing the Vienna-Innsbruck route.

Although the volume of travel between the Tyrolean capital and Vienna has almost doubled (partly thanks to NIKI), the route has ceased to be cost effective. The sole reason for this is the non-transparent pricing policy of competitor Austrian Airlines in their attempt to recover a monopolistic market position.

Niki Lauda commented: "We see ourselves as a reliable partner and fair participant in the market – who has achieved profitability without government subsidies for six successive years.”

The last scheduled flight is expected to take place on 25 April 2011.

Further price developments on this route should be watched with interest.

Press contact:
Milene Platzer