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2011-01-31 17:55

NIKI Managing Director named president of IACA

otmar_lenz.jpgOtmar Lenz lands top position at the International Air Carrier Association (IACA)

Newly elected IACA board president Otmar Lenz will get to work representing the interests of the organisation’s 33 low cost and leisure airlines with immediate effect. IACA’s members – which alongside NIKI and Air Berlin include Transavia, TUIfly and Condor – have a combined fleet of around 750 aircraft.
The organisation’s main focus is on working with interested parties in aviation such as regulators, the European Commission, air navigation service providers and Eurocontrol. Its prime objective is to ensure the airlines’ point of view on the long-term development of aviation and tourism is heard.

Otmar Lenz said: “The aviation industry faces major challenges. As airlines we are tasked with providing the necessary infrastructure for developing tourism, which in turn generates economic growth and creates employment in many regions. However, we are often confronted with business environments that make life difficult for us – the aviation taxes in Austria and Germany being the most recent examples of this. We have to ensure that our views on how to foster the sustainable and efficient development of our industry get more of a hearing. This is not just a question of the airlines’ wellbeing, but of entire tourist sectors around the world. The Austrian tourist industry, which plays a key role in the country’s economy, is being particularly hard hit by a whole raft of new legislation, though the government has apparently not yet understood this.

NIKI’s principal shareholder Niki Lauda was among the first to congratulate Lenz on his new role. He said: “The decision to appoint Otmar Lenz to the IACA board is an honour, and comes in recognition of his extensive experience of the airline industry. We can also be proud to have built up an airline of international standing in the shape of NIKI – and one with a high profile in international organisations!

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