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2010-04-18 14:00

NIKI test flight goes off without a hitch

The test flight of an Airbus A320 from Vienna to Salzburg, announced last Saturday, took place this afternoon with Niki Lauda in the cockpit.
The purpose of the flight was to prove that volcanic ash does not affect the A320’s airworthiness.

Niki Lauda remarked: “Totally closing airspace without any facts or measurements was the biggest blunder in the history of the European aviation authorities. The no-fly zones were based purely on wind directions and related theoretical models predicting how the ash cloud would spread across Europe. A number of airlines reached the same conclusion as I have today, have using different aircraft types – boroscope examinations of the engines revealed no damage whatsoever. I think the authorities should take decisive action and reopen the airspace south of Keflavik so that air traffic can get back to normal.

NIKI will be resuming flight services from 6:00 tomorrow morning. Unfortunately chaos unleashed by the volcano led to the rescheduling of many flights. We hope our passengers will understand that it be a few days before things settle down.

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