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2009-05-27 14:00

Samba is in the air! New Embraer 190 joins the NIKI fleet

New arrival at NIKI – The first of two new Brazilian Embraer 190 jets ordered for this year has touched down in Vienna and entered service in the NIKI fleet. The new 104-seater jet sets new quality standards in the 100-seater segment. Passenger comfort, environmental friendliness, and cost effectiveness are the new aircraft’s core strengths.


Passenger comfort – More cabin space than in significantly larger medium-range airliners.  Travellers instinctively interpret the “missing” middle seat as a bonus as the jet offers window and aisle seats only.

Environmental friendliness – 20% lower fuel consumption compared with other 100-seater regional jets. Technologically, the aircraft is a quantum leap forward when it comes to environmentally responsible aviation. 

samba1.jpgCost effectiveness – The product of improved technological efficiency and lower fuel consumption.  The aircraft’s favourable capacity-to-gross-weight ratio (which influences airport and transit charges) delivers considerable cost savings in comparison with its peers.

Niki Lauda: “The plane is right for me. First of all I don’t make any compromises when it comes to quality for our customers. The cabin design complete with elegant leather seats and larger windows highlights our commitment to passenger comfort. Secondly, it‘s well known that I‘m a big fan of the latest technologies – especially when they bring efficiency and savings. And since we are focusing on expanding our fleet, this was just the right time to introduce a pair of machines. So I’m looking forward to the middle of June when the second Embraer will enter service.”

Promising first quarter results

Following on from the best year in its history, NIKI has continued where it left off with extremely encouraging results for the first quarter of 2009.  Passenger numbers were up 34.1% even though total passenger volumes were down about 15% in Vienna. Profits in Q1 2009 were up by over 20%. The improvement was attributable to lower fuel costs (16 percentage point improvement) and significantly higher productivity, which more than made up for the effects of cost-saving measures at the airline.

Niki Lauda: “We are working hard to continue driving growth despite the widespread effects of the economic crisis.  We are offering customers an outstanding product at a time when travellers are putting more emphasis on value for money.  We are making savings, but not at the customers’ expense. We will continue to offer snacks, refreshments, newspapers and magazines free of charge – a standard that many of our competitors can no longer maintain.  And that is the simple key to our robust growth which continues to buck the general trend.

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