This exclusive service is available to all passengers travelling on City Shuttle and Charter routes. Enjoy the delicious on-board meals courtesy of our catering partner Aioli. 

You can reserve your special gourmet menu online at www.flyniki.com up to 48 hours before you fly. You also have the option to reserve your Aioli menu when you book your flight online.

Your chosen menu is brought to you personally, with a drink of your choice, ahead of the normal cabin service. Take advantage of this unique in-flight service!

If you book via our website you will be able to choose from the full menu, listed under Book – Gourmet Meals.

If you have booked your NIKI flight via a travel agent, order your additional menu here.

As a foretaste of what’s on offer, take a look at the options below.

Hot Breakfast      14€Gourmet Breakfast       14€
Scrambled egg with crispy baconSelection of ham & cheese
grilled tomato/roestifresh fruit
fresh fruithomemade muesli
homemade muesliapricot jam
apricot jam oven fresh bread roll
oven fresh bread roll

Healthy breakfast       14€

Breaded chicken schnitzel       14€
fresh fruitViennese chicken schnitzel
homemade muesliparsley potatos
cottage cheesegardenfresh salads
cream cheese and tomatoesbalsamic olive oil dressing
honeymousse au chocolat
whole wheat bread roll  
Italien Antipasti      14€Chicken Caesar's salad     14€
Prosciutto di Parmaherbed chicken breast
tomato-mozzarellaand Caesar's salad
grilled mediterranean vegetablesmediterranean vegetables
gardenfresh saladbabymozzarella
tiramisunougat tart

Minced veal cutled       9,50 €

Homemade Austrian style
pancakes       9,50 €
potato puréeplum ragout
buttered carrots and peasDamson compote

Yellow Chicken Curry       9,50 €

Kids Menu       8,50 €
chickenbreastgrilled mini sausages
coconut curry saucepotato puree
Steamed ricebuttered pease
Asia Noodles       9,50 €Chicken paprika with ‘Spätzle’     9,50 €
roasted chicken breast / egg noodleshandmade 'Spätzle' (noodles) / crème fraîche
asian vegetables / sweetened chilli sauce

Long drinks and other drinkssekt.jpg

Bloody Mary€ 3,50 Campari 0,04l€ 3,50
Screwdriver€ 3,50 Gordon's Gin Gin 0,05l€ 3,50
Bacardi and coke  € 3,50 Martini 0,05l€ 3,50
Gin and tonic  € 3,50 Vodka 0,05l€ 3,50
Campari and orange  € 3,50 Chivas 0,05l€ 3,50
Prosecco and orange  € 4,50 Red Label Whiskey 0,05l€ 3,50
Ottakringer beer  0,33l€ 2,- Jim Beam 0,05l€ 3,50
White wine 0,187l€ 4,-Red Bull 0,25l€ 3,-
Red wine 0,187l€ 4,-Bulldog Gin 0,05l€ 5,-
Prosecco 0,2l€ 4,50
Champagne 0,187l€ 10,–
Bacardi 0,05l€ 3,50