Sitzplätze & XL Seats
What are XL seats?

Our XL seats offer up to 20% more legroom and optimal seating comfort in Economy Class.

On short- and medium-haul routes, the XL seats are situated at the emergency exits. On our long-haul flights, we offer XL seats not only at the emergency exits, but also in the front section of the cabin, which also allows passengers to board and disembark the aircraft more quickly.
Please note that the following persons may not reserve a seat located at an emergency exit:
• Pregnant women
• Infants and children under 12 years of age
• Persons with limited mobility
• Persons who wish to bring an animal on board with them.
Those in possession of a topbonus Silver Card or Service Card receive a discount for XL seats. Those in possession of a topbonus Gold/Platinum Card may reserve XL seats for themselves and one travelling companion in the Economy Flex fare (or for flights booked before 12/7/2016, the Fly Flex+ or FlyFlex fares) at no additional cost.